11 października 2018

A model is only as good as its story

Models on their own are unreliable. Utterly pointless. Too often, we see misleading decisions being made from that spike in an excel line graph or the absolute value from a financial model. But models are only a simplification of reality. A reflection of history. A benchmark or an anchor for future predictions.Models are powerful when...
11 października 2018

What is a good website?

At the moment we have a professor from the Maastricht University embedded in our design studio. He is studying designers in the wild like an anthropologist would study an unknown tribe in Africa. One of the subjects of his research is the design process. I always found this an interesting topic and this is what...
11 października 2018

Designing a place for designers

Big open work spaces allow teams to work closely, face to face. This makes collaboration seamless by enabling designers and other colleagues to rapidly iterate on ideas and get feedback by simply looking up and asking. Whiteboards are abundant so it’s easy and quick to engage in design thinking activities any time the need arises....